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Charlie Watt Sr. Elected Makivik President – Returns to the Organization he Founded 40 Years Ago

Tuesday-January 23, 2018 – Kuujjuaq, QC – Following the executive election held on Thursday January 18, 2018 Makivik is pleased to announce the return of Charlie Watt Sr. as President.

Charlie Watt was the founding president of the Northern Quebec Inuit Association (NQIA) – the organization that negotiated the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA) in the early 1970s on behalf of the Inuit of Nunavik. Following the signing of the James Bay Agreement, the NQIA formally became Makivik Corporation in June of 1978. Charlie Watt was also Makivik’s founding President until 1982.

Charlie Watt was also Makivik President in the late 1980s and early 1990s – a time when Makivik purchased First Air as part of its portfolio of subsidiary companies, expanding its aviation expertise, which began with the creation of Air Inuit at the time of Makivik’s foundation.
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Latest News

NMRWB Chairman Call for Candidatures

The Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board (NMRWB) was created under the Nunavik Inuit Land Claims Agreement (NILCA), is the main instrument of wildlife management for the Nunavik Marine Region and is an institution of public government. The NMRWB is currently seeking candidatures to fill a vacancy in the chairmanship of the board; the selected candidate would be interviewed and selected by the NMRWB and appointed for a 4-year term by the Federal Government.

Candidates with a strong background in board governance and associated procedures are sought; experience chairing similar boards is ideal. A thorough knowledge of the wildlife species and issues in the Nunavik Marine Region is essential. Familiarity with the Nunavik Inuit Land Claims Agreement and similar land claims is desirable. The NMRWB chairperson must have strong Inuktitut and English language skills; French is a definite asset. During the selection process, preference will be given to Nunavik Inuit beneficiaries.

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 Makivik Applauds Two Education Events Destined to Have a Positive Impact on Nunavik Youth and the Region

Kuujjuaq, QC – Thursday September 28, 2017 – Makivik Corporation applauds two recent education related events for Nunavik. First the education panel organized by the Qarjuit Youth Council this week to discuss the status of education was by all accounts a huge success. The panel was made up of Makivik President Jobie Tukkiapik, Kativik School Board President Alicie Nalukturuk, and two former College students, Leah May and Navarana Kleist. The panel on Education was the first of its kind in the region and was held during the Annual Meeting of Qarjuit Youth Council. It was broadcast “live” on TNI Regional Radio. Makivik salutes the efforts and wisdom of Qarjuit and encourage them to strive on.

Secondly in Montreal last week the launching of Nunavik Sivunitsavut (NS) is something we can all be very proud of and wish for its great success. The Nunavik Sivunitsavut program in Montreal is located at the Avataq Cultural Institute office…


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Makivik Mandate

Politically, culturally and economically, Makivik has been a leader in building and developing a vibrant region called Nunavik, where, between the dualistic nations of Canada and Quebec, Inuit have established our own distinct place and identity. Makivik, which in Inuktitut means “To Rise Up,” is a fitting name for an organization mandated to protect the rights, interests and financial compensation provided by the 1975 James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, the first comprehensive Inuit land claim in Canada, and the more recent offshore Nunavik Inuit Land Claim Agreement that came into effect in 2008. The Corporation’s distinct mandates ranges from owning and operating large profitable business enterprises and generating jobs;
to social economic development, improved housing conditions, to protection of the Inuit language and culture and the natural environment. Makivik’s work demonstrates the extent that modern aboriginal treaties or land claim settlements could benefit governments and Inuit. In 1975 when the first Agreement was signed, it took the position that “settling Inuit land claims” must be viewed in the context of a “new beginning” in terms of developing and implementing a new relationship and way of doing business with the governments of Quebec and Canada. Makivik Corporation and its subsidiary companies have a remarkably positive story to tell and we invite you to explore this site to learn more about Makivik and the Inuit of Nunavik.