Heating Oil Subsidy Program

On February 2 1994, Makivik Corporation and Hydro Quebec entered into an Electricity Supply Plan Agreement. Pursuant to the Agreement, a Protocol was signed on September 9, 1994 where Hydro Quebec was to subsidize the cost of heating oil and propane gas and shall, at its own expense, provide for maintenance and repair of oil-fired furnace burners and water heaters used by its electricity commercial, industrial, institutional, and private customers in all Inuit communities. Hydro Quebec and Makivik Corporation agreed that the administration of the Subsidy Program was to be undertaken by Makivik Corporation.

The Protocol was renewed with the following modification to take effect September 01, 2010. Makivik will continue to administer the eligibility of the applications to the Subsidy Program and provide support to all eligible customers. The heating oil supplier will administer the payment of the heating oil subsidies to all eligible customers. This means that eligible customers will not be required to submit claims to Makivik for reimbursement of heating oil costs for deliveries made on September 01, 2010 and subsequently. The subsidies for heating oil will be automatically applied by the supplier and therefore the customer will only be charged the difference between the heating oil price and the subsidy amount.

New customers shall be enrolled in the Subsidy Program as of the date of their application. Customers must enroll with Makivik prior to any subsidies being paid on any bills.

Please click here to download the ELIGIBILITY APPLICATION FORM.PDF file.

Please contact me (514) 745-8880 – m_iorio@makivik.org if you require additional information.

Heating Oil Subsidy Program