Makivik Corporation

In all of Canada, Makivik is surely unique. Incorporated on June 28, 1978 to administer the funds from the first comprehensive Inuit land claim in Canada, the James Bay Northern Quebec Land Claim Agreement (JBNQA), it has done much more than simply “administer.”

Politically, culturally and economically, Makivik has led in the building and development of a vibrant region called Nunavik, occupying the top third of the province of Québec, within Canada, Inuit have established our own distinct place and identity.

Makivik’s work demonstrates the extent that modern aboriginal treaties or comprehensive land claim agreements benefit all partners, governments and Inuit. It has demonstrated the ability to define new relationships between the governments of Québec, Canada, and a group of Indigenous peoples, in this case the Inuit of Nunavik.

Taqralik Magazine

Taqralik is published by Makivik Corporation and distributed free of charge to Inuit beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of Makivik Corporation or its Executive. We welcome letters to the editor and submissions of articles, artwork or photographs. Email

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Film Productions

Here you will find a variety videos related to our development over the decades, and Inuit culture in general.


40 years ago Inuit from Northern Quebec took on the government and Hydro Quebec and eventually settled the first modern-day land claims in Canada.

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