The Safer Communities Program

Application Dates

Applications are open between July 28 and September 18, 2021.

About the program

The Safer Communities Program, which incorporates an appropriate Inuit term, Ungaluk, was developed in February 2007 as a result of the Sanarrutik Agreement granted by the Quebec Government to Makivik Corporation and Kativik Regional Government (KRG).

Ungaluk is the Inuit term for the first level of snow blocks as a foundation for an igloo, and it is the first Inuit-run crime prevention program. Ungaluk is administered by Makivik Corporation and KRG. The program distributes $10-million a year, fully indexed, to crime prevention initiatives throughout the region and in some cases to urban areas in Quebec.

The Executives of Makivik Corporation and KRG are responsible for authorizing the funding. The program has been revised with the support of the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime (ICPC). The program now has a series of new priority goals and criteria that the applicants must focus on in order to qualify for funding.

A Committee of Experts (composed of eight members, four of whom are appointed by the Government of Quebec and two each by Makivik and KRG) will meet every year to identify the needs of the region and recommend new priorities each year in order to ensure projects funded by Ungaluk have an impact on:

  • Preventing and combating crime
  • Promoting safe and healthy communities
  • Providing assistance to crime victims
  • Improving correctional services for the Inuit