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Québec City, December 15, 2011 – Denis Brière, rector of Université Laval, and Paul Fortier, vice rector of research and creation, just announced the creation of a Research Chair in Sustainable Development of the North. The purpose of the chair is to enhance our understanding of the North, particularly northern residents’ future, welfare, and prosperity.

“Today’s announcement of this new research chair makes it clear: Université Laval is still at the forefront when it comes to northern researching and understanding. We were pioneers in the field 50 years ago, and we are still building on that work today,” said rector Denis Brière.

The purpose of this chair is to rethink northern development by harmonizing its social, human, environmental, and economic components and ensuring significant benefits for northern communities, where needs are great. In addition to an interdisciplinary approach, the chair will also help produce new knowledge and promote knowledge sharing among researchers and partners.

Thierry Rodon, chairholder of the Research Chair in Sustainable Development of the North, is an associate professor in the Political Science Department at Université Laval and an adjunct professor at the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University. He is also a research associate at Université Laval’s Interuniversity Center for Aboriginal Studies and Research (CIERA) and a fellow at the Carleton Center for Governance and Public Management and at the Observatory of Youth and Society at INRS. Professor Rodon specializes in northern politics and community development and has extensive experience working with aboriginal communities and northern institutions. He has authored a number of works on Nunavut, helped design and implement a public service certificate program for the Nunavut government, and was involved in setting up regional government in Nunavik.

Research Partnership
The Chair was established thanks to $1.1 million in funding over five years from Makivik Corporation, ArcelorMittal Mines Canada, and ArcticNet. “We are excited to participate to the launching of this Chair on Sustainable Development of the North that will combine scientific and traditional knowledge about the Inuit of Nunavik,” said Pita Aatami, president of Makivik Corporation.

“ArcelorMittal Mines Canada is very proud to contribute to this research chair that will definitely help us work together for the harmonious development of the North,” said Gilles Couture, director of quality and environment for ArcelorMittal Mines Canada.

« The new chair in sustainable development of the North will join the 29 northern chairs of ArcticNet. The research conducted by the Chair will fill an important knowledge gap in the research program of the Network, and will contribute to the four Integrated Regional Impact Studies led by ArcticNet” said Louis Fortier – Scientific Director, ArcticNet

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