“The Ungaluk Program makes changes on Crime Prevention formula”

quartaq1Kuujjuaq, October 7, 2014 …The Ungaluk Funding Program, administered jointly by the Makivik Corporation and the Kativik Regional Government has announced new guidelines and criteria for the operation of the fund. The new rules and regulations have been implemented to make it clearer for people who wish to access the funds, to make certain that monies are used solely for the purpose of crime prevention and healthier lives, and to have a larger impact on preventing crime and violence.

The Ungaluk Funding Program is a result of the 2006 Sanarrutik Agreement granted by the Quebec Government to the Makivik Corporation and the Kativik Regional Government. Its purpose is to make funds available to projects that will prevent and combat crime, promote safe and healthy communities by taking culturally appropriate measures, improve the social environment in Nunavik, and provide assistance to crime victims and improve correctional activities for the Inuit.

This year the Ungaluk Coordinator, with the support of the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime has revised the program and has come out with the following project priorities (in order of importance) that applicants must focus on in order to qualify for funding.

  1. To reduce substance(s) abuse and or addiction(s)
  2. To prevent violence and other crimes (adults and or youths)
  3. To promote social integration or reintegration (Prevent offending or reoffending)
  4. To address trauma and or mental health
  5. To assist victims of crime and violence
  6. To build parental skills and or encourage safe family and or community environment
  7. To prevent school dropout and or to promote educational or developmental or personal development opportunities
  8. To promote alternatives to and diversion from criminal justice.

Other changes that have been initiated include:

**Funding proposals must be submitted by October 31 for the coming fiscal year

**Project duration may now exceed more than one year but not exceeding 3 years. This   is for exceptional projects, especially with regard to drug and alcohol abuse.

**Projects must also follow a series of criteria in order to qualify for funding.

“Crimes rates in Nunavik have been on the increase from 2010 to 2014. Based on this, it was important to tighten up on our preventive program and set priorities. There’s only so much money to work with and we want to make sure projects we fund are making a positive difference in our combat against crime” says Sarah Airo, Ungaluk Coordinator.

For complete information on the revised Ungaluk Program go to the Makivik website at www.makivik.org , and click on “Current” and then “Ungaluk Program”.

For more info:

Sarah Airo, Ungaluk Coordinator

819-964-2925 ext.302


William Tagoona, Senior Communications Coordinator



Makivik is the development corporation mandated to manage the heritage funds of Inuit of Nunavik  provided for in the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement.  Makivik’s role includes the administration and investment of these funds and the promotion of economic growth.