Adamie Padlayat

  • Adamie Padlayat
    Corporate Secretary
    Makivik Executive


Corporate Secretary

The Nunavik Inuit beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement elected Adamie Padlayat to represent them as the Corporate Secretary of Makivik Corporation on January 21, 2016.

Prior to being elected to the Makivik Executive Committee, Adamie was Executive Director of the Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board, based in Inukjuak. He participated in the development of a Beluga Management System, as well as coordinating the first-ever public hearings on polar bears in southern Hudson Bay.

Adamie graduated from Ikusik Secondary School and then completed an additional year of high school at Jaanimarrik School in Kuujjuaq. Inspired by the example of his uncle Adamie Alaku, he then earned a Commercial Pilot License through Cornwall Aviation, one of Canada’s most renowned flight training schools.

Adamie has also lived in Akulivik, where he was employed as an Air Inuit agent. He was also a Community Wellness Worker, and then served as the Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer for the Northern Village of Akulivik. He was the Chief Returning officer on the Nunavik-wide referendum for the Nunavik Government Proposal in 2010-2011. He was also instrumental from 2006-2007 in the development of the Living Life Youth Project geared to the reduction of suicide.

This is not the first time that Adamie Padlayat has been a member of the Makivik team. Previous to their relocation to his wife’s home community of Inukjuak, they lived in Kuujjuaq where Adamie worked as the Youth Liaison and served as the Corporation’s Chief Returning Officer. He then advanced to the position of Executive Assistant to the Vice-President for Renewable Resources.

Adamie Padlayat was born in the community of Salluit, the second northernmost Inuit community in Quebec, on March 14, 1972. He is the son of Paul Putulik Alaku and Sala Padlayat. Adamie and his wife Stephanie POV now make Inukjuak their home, along with their son Simeonie and daughter Qirniulaut. They also have four grandchildren.

Since moving to Inukjuak, Adamie has served for two years on the local community council. He finds pleasure in playing music and singing and his performance of songs such as Aniqqami Inutuulunga and Upirngami are popular on FM radio throughout the Nunavik region. He likes to go fishing, and enjoys goose hunting with his friends. Always a team player, Adamie Padlayat is enthusiastic about improving conditions for Nunavimmiut and strengthening the culture and values of Nunavik Inuit.

Adamie Padlayat