Order of Nunavik Program

The Order of Nunavik is conferred upon Inuit men and women “for outstanding achievements in different fields.”

The Order of Nunavik Program celebrates the accomplishments of Nunavik Inuit of all ages and inspires Nunavik beneficiaries to strive to reach its goals.

Each year, Nunavik Inuit are nominated by their fellow JBNQA beneficiaries for their achievements, leadership, and innovation.

The final four selected, accomplished and motivated Inuit are named Nunavik Role Models and inducted into the Order of Nunavik at an award ceremony held during the Makivik Corporation Annual General meeting.

The Nunavik Role Model Program aims to:

  • Promote healthy lifestyles and self-esteem among Nunavik Inuit.
  • Strengthen Nunavik culture and identity.
  • Promote positive public images of Nunavik Inuit.
  • Facilitate the availability of Nunavik Role Models to Nunavik Inuit and communities.
  • Influence behaviors and attitudes of Nunavik Inuit toward healthy lifestyles.
  • Foster inspired leadership.

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