Makivik Corporation Launches Naming Contest for its New Business Development Corporation

Tasiujaq, Quebec (March 24, 2017) – Makivik Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of a naming contest for its new Business Development Corporation currently known as “DEVCO”.

DEVCO will become the business development arm of Makivik. Devco’s objectives are to manage and oversee Makivik’s interests in existing and future subsidiaries partnerships and joint ventures as well as to pursue new business opportunities for Makivik which, to the extent possible, provide employment opportunities and economic spinoffs to the Nunavik region.

The contest is open to beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA) that are over the age of 13 that propose a name in the Inuktitut language for DEVCO. Top prize will be $700, second prize is $200, and third is $100.

The proposed names will be reviewed and studied for their originality; relevance with Nunavik Inuit history, culture, way of life, traditions; relevance with the Nunavik territory; and relevance with the activities of Makivik Corporation’s future business development subsidiary.

The contest opens on Friday March 24, 2017 and closes on Friday, May 5, 2017 at 5:00 P.M. (eastern time)

Entries will be reviewed by a selection panel comprised of Makivik Corporation executive directors and employees, and final selection of participants’ winning entries will be voted by the Makivik Corporation Board of Directors at its meeting scheduled in June 2017. The contest winners will be announced within five days following this meeting to the public.

For more information on contest rules and regulations, please visit the Makivik Corporation website at to obtain the full contest rules and regulations; as well as an entry form.

For more information please refer to the contest rules and regulations or email or call toll free.

Participation Form:  Button to download a .PDF file of the Contest Participation Form.

Contest Rules:           Button to download a .PDF file of the Contest Rules.


William Tagoona
Communications Coordinator and Media Relations
Makivik Corporation
Tel. 819-964-2925

Makivik is the Land Claims Organizations mandated to manage the heritage funds of the Inuit of Nunavik provided for under the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement. Makivik’s role includes the administration and investment of these funds and the promotion of economic growth by providing assistance for the creation of Inuit-operated businesses in Nunavik. Makivik promotes the preservation of Inuit culture and language as well as the health, welfare, relief of poverty, and education of Inuit in the communities.



Makivik Corporation
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“DEVCO” Naming Contest – Makivik Corporation 

Makivik Corporation’s new business development Corporation, currently known as DEVCO needs a new Inuktitut name.

DEVCO will become the business arm for Nunavik. It will be 100% Inuit owned with the mission to improve business opportunities for Nunavimmiut, create jobs for JBNQA beneficiaries and provide economic spinoffs to the region.

1st prize 700$

2nd prize 200$

3rd prize 100$

Deadline May 5, 2017 at 5:00pm (Eastern time)

Open to all JBNQA beneficiaries over the age of 13. Certain conditions may apply, please verify the contest rules and entry forms available at