Kautaq Construction

From civil to residential

Already 15 years ago, Makivik Corporation established a new division within its own organization:  the Construction Division. The mandate of said division was on one hand to act as general contractor for the construction of social housing in Nunavik and on the other hand to build marine infrastructure in each of the 14 Nunavik communities. During the following 15 years, Makivik developed its expertise in both civil and residential construction area. The marine infrastructure program ended in 2011 after each Nunavik communities have been provided with adequate marine infrastructure. When the program ended, it was natural to continue on this path to offer civil construction services to the people of Nunavik. In addition, the launching in 2012 of the Home Ownership and Renovation Program for the Kativik Region by the Quebec Housing Corporation also provided an interesting opportunity for Makivik in the field of residential construction. Kautaq Construction was then established. Based on the expertise gained through past projects conducted by Makivik Construction Division, the services offered by the new company are divided into two parts:

  • Civil construction and crushing work;
  • Residential and commercial construction.

Currently, the civil division of the company focuses its activities on the construction of new residential developments (access, site preparation, drainage) in various Nunavik communities. These developments are mainly dedicated to the construction of social housing. Drilling, blasting and crushing works are also planned to offer crushed stones to various construction projects throughout Nunavik (paving, tank farms, residential and commercial construction). The company also has a strong knowledge and expertise in marine civil works (docks, breakwaters, port facilities, access ramps) which would allow it to participate in other major northern marine infrastructure projects.

The residential division of the company will focus its efforts on the new Nunavik Home Ownership Program. Through this program Nunavik residents have the possibility to build their private homes in the region and see some of the costs reimbursed through the program. Kautaq Construction currently offers four models to its clients, namely two models with 3 bedrooms, one model with 4 bedrooms and one model with 5 bedrooms. These models have been designed to meet the needs of the people of Nunavik. They are the result of fifteen years of experience in construction throughout northern territories. Indeed, the Kautaq Construction team participated in the construction of more than 700 units in Nunavik, throughout all communities of the territory. The care for quality construction, the compliance with construction schedules and close contact and communication with customers and communities are essential values guiding the work of Kautaq Construction. The various projects performed by the company in recent years enabled it to develop a comprehensive understanding of housing conditions in Nunavik, and consequently to optimize the constructions to respond to climate, social and economic requirements in the region. In addition, Kautaq Construction promotes and encourages local and regional economic spin-offs for all projects in which it is involved.

In addition to the house models proposed to individuals benefiting from the Home Ownership Program, Kautaq Construction also offers to assist residents of the region in their efforts to put together the various documents required to be approved under the Home Ownership Program. The company wants to offer a turnkey product, that is to say that it would assist the client from the very beginning of the process (making contact with the Kativik Municipal Housing Bureau, gathering the required documents, mandatory form required by the Program) to the final construction of the house.

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