HART- High Arctic Relocatee Trust and HARPT- High Arctic Relocatee Partition Trust

Welcome to the HART and HARPT webpage 

Dear Beneficiaries:

Welcome to the website of the HART trust and the proposed HARPT trust. The purpose of this website is to provide beneficiaries with updated information on the administration of the HART trust, as well as the court process which will, subject to approval by the Quebec Superior Court, lead to the creation of a new HARPT trust and final distribution of sums to beneficiaries.

 We encourage you to follow our website regularly as it will be updated in the coming weeks to provide additional financial and information on the court process. We have also included information for potential beneficiaries to apply for HART benefits. 

This website shall serve to notify all HART beneficiaries of court proceedings to be initiated before the Quebec Superior Court,  which, if approved, will lead to the final distribution of sums to the beneficiaries.

Thank you,

The HART and HARPT team

Notices to Beneficiaries

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