Kuujjuaq-October 27, 2017 – Nunavik Leaders welcomed Quebec Premier Phillip Couillard to the Inuit territory of Nunavik yesterday. This is the first visit of the premier since his election to office. Premier Couillard’s northern visit is accompanied by the Minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs Geoffrey Kelley, Minister of Wildlife and Parks, Luc Blanchette, and Jean Boucher, MNA for Ungava .


Premier Couillard and his ministers met with Parnasimautilirijiit, a major Inuit leader’s forum lead by the Makivik Corporation.


Makivik President Jobie Tukkiapik says, “ It’s not unusual for Inuit leaders to meet Quebec’s Premier in this day and age, but they’re usually held down south in Quebec City.  To have the Premier in our homeland, meeting with our leadership is not something we take for granted. I’m pleased he took the time to travel to our territory to hear us out on issues important to our people.”


Social issues such as Education, Culture and Language, Health, Youth, Housing, and Cost of Living, are of most importance to the people of Nunavik.


Premier Couillard and his ministers also took the time to meet privately with officials of the Makivik Corporation.


During his visit to Nunavik the Premier was also scheduled to officially open the largest National Park in Nunavik  – Tursujuq – near the community of Umiujaq where a lunch of tea and bannock with Inuit awaits him.






William Tagoona
Communications Coordinator and Media Relations
Makivik Corporation
Tel. 819-964-2925

Makivik is the land claims organization mandated to manage the heritage funds of the Inuit of Nunavik provided for under the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement. Makivik’s role includes the administration and investment of these funds and the promotion of economic growth by providing assistance for the creation of Inuit-operated businesses in Nunavik. Makivik promotes the preservation of Inuit culture and language as well as the health, welfare, relief of poverty, and education of Inuit in the communities.